The need to establish the Institute has emerged as a result of the need to harness all the potentials in the socio-economic development of the Republic of Macedonia, and given her determination and aspirations towards the European Union and the intensification of reforms in this area.

Pursuant to Article 4.16 and 18 of the Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, no. 52/2010) Assembly of the Institute for Dynamic Development ” SFERA-NOVA ” from Skopje has brought the decision for establishment of legal entity on 9th August 2011.

Civil sector representatives continuously make  efforts to involve all stakeholders of society in creation and  implementation of public policies and strategies for integration of Macedonia in modern European and world trends. However there remains room for development and implementation of activities that will set the standard for modern and progressive standards of living for all citizens.

Institute for Dynamic Development SFERA – NOVA, Skopje, right here sees the reason for its existence: initiating, designing, planning, implementation and evaluation of programs that will continuously improve the quality of life for citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, especially in areas of macro economic development, socio-economic development, community involvement, culture and education of the citizens.

Therefore, aware that it is necessary mobilization of human and material resources for promotion of initiatives for development of socio-economic, cultural and educational potentials in Macedonia and utilization of existing domestic and foreign funds to accelerate the overall development of the country, the Assembly of founders Institute for Dynamic Development SFERA – NOVA from Skopje as an association of citizens and no political party affiliation and no for profit orientation, has brought its work program.