Who We Are


 We, the Institute for Dynamic Development SFERA-NOVA believe in harmonious and prosperous society, where the continuous development of each individual is the basis for the development of the whole community. We believe that respect for democratic principles, and fostering the traditional and cultural values ​​contribute significantly to the development of civil society and the integration of Macedonia in contemporary social trends in Europe and worldwide.


Institute for the dynamic development SFERA – NOVA is a flagship initiatives in the development of democracy and rule of law, socio-economic development, culture, education and program evaluation in the Republic of Macedonia as a basis for its integration into the European Union.

Its founders, members and activists with great enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication are committed to accomplishing the mission and objectives of the Institute and actively cooperate with all relevant stakeholders on the development of Macedonia.


Recognizing, valuing and highlighting the advantages and potentials of Macedonia and placing in service of sustainable socio-economic development and integration processes.

Constant monitoring and participation in the processes of approximation and hamonizacija with European and world developments.

Research tracking the latest developments and conditions of potential partners and target groups of activities of the Institute,

Developing and creating applicable solutions that are consistent with the vision and mission of the Institute, and so encouraging the development potential of its members

Promoting and establishing partnerships regional networks with domestic and foreign organizations and institutions that have the same or similar goals and objectives.